How to restore WordPress from a cPanel backup?

Backup is the process of copying the files on your website to your backup destination. This backup can be restored to quickly recover your website or to move it to another location if that is desired.

If you are not using an external service, you can create a backup of your WordPress site by moving all of the files and folders in your WordPress installation directory (usually wp-content) to another location. Then rename this folder something like "old-wp" or "backup."

Once this process is complete, log into cPanel and navigate to Backup/Restore under Files → Backup/Restore → More Options → WordPress. Select the folder with wp-content as the destination for the data files.

Manually restore WordPress using cPanel -
  1. Login to your cPanel account.
  2. Under the files section, click on the backup Icon.
  3. On the backups page, scroll down to the ’Restore a My SQL’ database backup.
  4. Next, click on the choose file button and select the backup file from your hard disk.
  5. Later click on the upload button.
Hope it helps, Thanks for reading:)

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