Nwaslouk Brand Identity

Project: Nwaslouk Brand Identity

Client: Nwaslouk


Nwaslouk, a brand with a unique vision, approached us to create a distinctive visual identity that would encapsulate their essence and resonate with their target audience. The challenge was to blend tradition with modernity and reflect their commitment to excellence.

Logo Design:

The heart of the Nwaslouk brand identity is its logo, which symbolizes unity and heritage. The intertwining Arabic calligraphy represents the brand's cultural roots and dedication to preserving traditions. The contemporary typography balances the design, emphasizing Nwaslouk's commitment to innovation.

Color Palette:

We selected a harmonious color palette for Nwaslouk, inspired by the desert landscape and Middle Eastern culture. Earthy tones, such as warm sand, deep terracotta, and rich olive, evoke a sense of warmth and authenticity. A touch of gold adds a premium feel, symbolizing luxury and quality.


The chosen typefaces strike a balance between modernity and tradition. A sleek, sans-serif font ensures readability and a contemporary touch, while a custom Arabic typeface pays homage to Nwaslouk's cultural heritage.

Visual Elements:

The design incorporates elements inspired by traditional Arabic patterns and motifs, creating a sense of familiarity for the target audience. These elements are subtly integrated into marketing materials, packaging, and the overall brand experience.

Photography Style:

Nwaslouk's photography style embraces authenticity. Images showcase real people and moments, celebrating the diverse cultures and stories that make the brand unique. Warm, natural lighting and earthy tones are consistent, reinforcing the brand's connection to its origins.


Our brand identity work extends across various touchpoints, including packaging, stationery, social media, and the website. Each application maintains a cohesive look and feel, ensuring that Nwaslouk's message is consistently conveyed to its audience.


The Nwaslouk brand identity successfully captures the essence of tradition and innovation, heritage and modernity. It not only appeals to the target demographic but also positions Nwaslouk as a brand that respects its cultural roots while embracing the future.

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