What do old graphic designers think of young graphic designers of today?

Opinions among older graphic designers about younger designers today can vary widely and depend on individual perspectives and experiences. Here are a few common sentiments that older graphic designers might have about younger designers:

Admiration for Technical Skills: Older graphic designers may admire the technical skills and proficiency that younger designers possess, particularly in areas such as digital design software and technology. Younger designers often have grown up with access to advanced tools and resources, allowing them to quickly adapt to new technologies and techniques.

Concerns about Experience and Depth: Some older graphic designers may express concerns about the depth of experience and knowledge among younger designers. They may feel that younger designers lack the same level of experience or understanding of design principles and fundamentals, particularly if they have received formal education in design.

Appreciation for Innovation and Creativity: Many older graphic designers appreciate the fresh perspectives and innovative approaches that younger designers bring to the field. Younger designers often have a different cultural and aesthetic sensibility, which can lead to innovative and boundary-pushing design work.

Frustration with Entitlement or Impatience: Some older graphic designers may feel frustrated with what they perceive as a sense of entitlement or impatience among younger designers. They may believe that younger designers expect instant success or recognition without putting in the necessary time, effort, and hard work.

Recognition of Diversity and Inclusion Efforts: Older graphic designers may acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of younger designers to promote diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility within the design industry. Younger designers often place a strong emphasis on ethical design practices, sustainability, and social justice issues.

Overall, opinions about younger graphic designers among older designers can vary based on individual experiences, perspectives, and attitudes. While some may express concerns or criticisms, others may admire the talents, innovation, and contributions of younger designers to the field of graphic design.

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